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I’m so tired. I can’t think.
I can’t believe I woke up this morning to another normal day but it wasn’t another normal day because another young black man was taken away. This time it wasn’t some racist cop or some angry white supremacists. No, this time it was at the hands of another young black man. I m tired. I’m so tired of the shouting and violence. The screaming, hollering, and cries for justice when some racist cop kills a brother: but when the perpetrator is a brother, it doesn’t even make the news. When a sister kills a sister, we don’t hear about it. Nothing. Not a tweet. Not a tic or a tok -nada, nothing.

There is no protest. No riots in the streets crying for justice. There are no calls. No calls for justice; none exist. No angry black leaders are fed up with this injustice calling for donations and marches on the statehouse or the White House. There is nothing. So I ask you when will enough be enough. We can’t blame this problem on the” man”.

We can’t blame this problem on economic situations. We can’t; we have to look. We have to look inside. We must look inside our homes, our churches in our community, ourselves. We have to look inside our own community to determine how we have devalued our own lives. How do we expect the government or any other segment of society to respect us when we don’t respect or honor ourselves. My brother was killed because he played his music too loud and his neighbor, a brother, said to put some respect on my name and turn it down, and he refused. An argument ensued, and now my brother is gone. What happened to love thy neighbor? What happened to us. There was a time when no matter where you went if you went to our community, it was happiness it; was togetherness it was I got your back.

Now we’ve become like Aliens in a foreign land to one another. There was a time when you saw another young black man in a crowd where you were the only two and you felt safe, but that time is gone. I’m still angry today because I don’t know how many young black men have killed a young black man. After all, we don’t keep that count. We don’t want to know that number … ahhhhh, I want to scream, I want to cry, I want to shout, I want it to stop.

I just want our babies to live to have a chance to grow and grow up and be great. But if we don’t protect them, if we don’t teach them, if we don’t love them eat, we don’t teach them to value who we are if we don’t do …who will ? if we don’t, we will go extinct. I just want to save our sons and her daughters I just wanna know that there will be hope for tomorrow I just wanna know that my labor is not in vain, and I just wanna know the black community cares again.

I just want to stop going to funerals and live again and love again, but today I got a put together because we are burying my brother today, and I don’t have time to cry. I’ve got work to do. I’m going to be the solution that I seek, I’m going to pray, and I’m going to work so that no one has to feel what I feel today.

By Conia Almon

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