Create Space with “Habibi”

Jesus came, as a little one, who was probably called this very word, “Habibi” by his mother. He stripped himself of all the privilege and comforts of heaven to include us and to be known by us.  He thought of us as Habibi so that we could think of him as “friend.”  He laid down the culture of heaven to experience the culture of humanity and all of its pain so that we could become part of heaven. He told us to start bringing heaven here to earth. We don’t have to wait until we die to join him in spreading a heavenly culture on earth. We no longer have to be estranged from our Creator or each other.  We simply need to make room for him, and each other. Continue reading Create Space with “Habibi”

How to Break Our Generational Curse

Whether because of the sins of our spiritual fathers or our biological ones, we have inherited some benefits of ill-gotten gains . . . and the curses that go with them. Thus, it is the responsibility of white Christian leaders to engage in restoration and truth-telling because it is the church fathers who began and perpetuated the harm caused by the racist history of the Church, industry, and government in America. Continue reading How to Break Our Generational Curse

Church Segregation: A White Supremacist Tradition

In fact, justice-seeking protests are collective expressions of grief and anger at the callousness of white America.  Since European Americans assume grief is to be done in private, many totally twisted the expression of grief in the streets with old stereotypes used to marginalize the legitimate anger of Black folks.  Continue reading Church Segregation: A White Supremacist Tradition

Don’t Play This At Church

“We accept you as a person who needs us to help you and who can help us meet our diversity (image) goals, but don’t make us uncomfortable. . . Don’t expect to be deeply cared about by us, because we do not want to hear about, see, or learn about your life, your culture, or your experiences that differ from ours. We have our story (about you) and we are sticking to it. . . Continue reading Don’t Play This At Church