December’s Theme, “No Room in the Inn”

In the story of the Nativity, we know and recite the well-known words “No Room in the Inn” The actual translation is “No guest room “The sad commentary is that Nativism treats marginalized communities of color as unwanted guests, even though the only ones native to America are the indigenous populations.

In Centere For Public Christianity online publication, Melbourne University professor of psychiatry Louise Newman said: “The thing that gets thrown away is the idea of collective and moral responsibilities to protect the powerless and weak, and if people can’t think of that at Christmas, then I think we have lost our path, and it’s very troubling.”

Though Baby Jesus appeared as a weak and helpless infant, inside that frail body wrapped in swaddling clothes existed the potential to save humankind. Mary and Joseph tended to and protected Jesus and were refugees in Egypt for a time. How many of the marginalized are left on the outside of the American imagination of what is viable? They are not weak; however, they are denied opportunities to fulfill the greatness they possess as Imago Dei (Image of God.)

This Christmas season, Three-Fifths Magazine takes a unique look at ways to work together from all sides of the ethnic divide to bring equity, change the narrative, and reimagine marginalized communities and individuals of color as vital.

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