November’s Theme is “The Games That People Play”

Photo by Kobe – on

October is gone, and the election has passed. Racial healing must overcome October 31-style “trick or treat, All Hallows eve Games that people play, The Big Lie, The QAnon Conspiracy, and let’s not forget Birtherism. Don’t blink; stay alert, and stay engaged.

This November, we will focus on a racially divisive and extremely dangerous theory that, if given the opportunity, could rip this nation apart. Some Americans would immediately scream CRT, no, it’s not Critical Race Theory, but the theory in question is none other than the “Great Replacement Theory, GRT.” Let’s dissect this Myth and put it to bed before Thanksgiving turkeys thaw.

If anyone was replaced, indigenous Americans celebrated the first Thanksgiving with Europeans and helped them survive.

Lastly, while backlash is now firing on all cylinders, COVID lingers and is on the rise; what does racial healing look like right now?

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