There Came A Man

(In Memory of “The Dreamer,” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

By Joel A. Bowman, Sr.

There came a man: Martin Luther King.
He inspired us with his lofty dream.

He dreamed of peace and equality,
He repudiated hatred and bigotry.

The year was nineteen and fifty-five.
Segregation in the South; very much alive.

One day, Rosa Parks said, “That’s enough!”
She stayed in her seat on a city bus.

So began the movement Dr. King would lead.
Some gave their lives, others had to bleed.

King boldly told us to make a choice.
Injustice called out, many heard his voice.

Fueled by scorn, they bombed his home.
Yet he sounded a clear and loving tone.

Non-violence was his constant way of life.
Attacks would come, but he stood for right.

With great conviction, he spoke his mind.
While others were sleeping, he gave his time.

Dr. King was jailed for speaking truth.
He had great wisdom, even as a youth.

King fought for civil and human rights.
He bravely paid the highest price.

The city was Memphis, nineteen sixty-eight.
The dreamer was murdered, a tragic fate.

But his dream will never, ever die.
His work cannot be cast aside.

There is more for us to do!
We must strive for justice, it’s time to move!

By Joel Bowman

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