Sometimes It Takes a King

Every now and then, there is an unexpected event that takes the world by surprise and turns it upside down. Sometimes, that event takes place in the form of an individual who impacts the world with such veracity making such a profound statement of the intentionality of purpose that, one can’t help but notice.

It is not unusual that such an individual suffers major pushback from a significant portion of the population. Amidst the cheers, there is often a backdrop of jeers. It seems no matter how righteous the cause we can always depend upon obstacles being put in the way by opposers, to interrupt and deter that progress.   

Such was the case with the one known as Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the long-awaited for Redeemer of mankind sent to reunite us to our Creator. In Him, a fallen world may find hope, comfort, peace, and inner joy of the spirit. But the individual is called to trust and have faith in this human manifestation of the divine.  

The one who carried Love upon His shoulders for sinful man was persecuted, condemned, lied upon, spat upon, flogged, and crucified. How could anyone be so hate-filled against a man who knew no wrong?

Jesus was a truth-teller, and truth was seen as a threat by those who lived by lies. The promotion of Love was a threat to freedom to hate, self-promotion, and self-centeredness. Love for God and one’s fellow man, the two greatest commandments, was a threat to the love of money and power, two of the biggest idol gods on the planet, and these idol gods often demand a human sacrifice. So, something had to be done to rid the world of the greatest threat to idolatry.    

If it can happen to God manifest in flesh, is it really surprising that it would happen to anyone else seeking to bring truth to power? Does truth not provide the same threat to idolatry today as it did 2000 years ago?

Of course, it does and always has. We have been reminded of it before and sense. Before Christ, it’s what landed Joseph, with his coat of many colors, into slavery. It’s what got John the Baptist beheaded. It’s what got the first Christian martyrs tortured and killed. And in contemporary America, it’s what got Medgar, Malcolm, and Martin assassinated.

While Jesus was the King of Kings, His followers can be kings in their own right as they follow in His footsteps as truth followers and truth-tellers.

Whenever such a one arises, we can always count on severe opposition. 

It took a truth-teller to light a path through the darkness of this world, and it still does. God uses the common man/woman to carry the torch that can help illuminate the road to enlightenment.

In this day and age when divisions seem to be accentuated and fear commonly rules over common sense and the line of truth is often blurred by muddy waters, it is truth that brings clarity of vision and understanding to the confused mind.

Wanted: Men and Women of courage who are unafraid to speak truth to power!

We can choose whichever path we desire in this life, and we are all given the freedom to do so. While being a truth-teller has its rewards for the greater good, it can also come with turmoil and heartache. But we can choose to be our own heroes and sheroes and follow the path of the Christ and bear the cross that accompanies the crown.  

It’s one thing to simply be a follower of the truth, but if you truly want to make an impact with your life, sometimes it takes a king.

By Tobias Houpe


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