King Jesus Was A Refugee

King Jesus was a refugee,

Who came to set the captives free. 

No room for God in flesh that day. 

Born in a stable filled with hay. 

He had no place to lay His head, 

But fed the multitudes some bread. 

Two sisters gave Him space to rest. 

One sister gave her very best. 

She gave Him both her heart and home. 

Her mission was to make Him known. 

May we, His Body, do the same;

Provide a home in Jesus’ name. 

Today, there is a weighty need, 

To house the poor; our selfless deed. 

But we are prone to selfishness, 

May God make us compassionate. 

I’ll bring hammers, you bring nails. 

Let’s build some homes, instead of jails. 

I’ll love my neighbor as myself, 

And serve the ones who need my help. 

We all are equal in God’s sight. 

Let’s work for peace, and lessen strife. 

Then we will please the Lord above, 

And fill each home we build with love.

By Joel A. Bowman, Sr.

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