Justice Has Been Served

JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED! Finally, Derek Chauvin has been held accountable for what he has done, and we love to see it! This is a great step in the right direction for the United States; however, this is not the end, not even close!

Issues regarding racism has been going on in this country for centuries; we can’t get rid of something like that just because one man has been held accountable after millions have seen his action. We have to be able to hold people accountable in our own daily lives, whether millions of other people see their actions or not.

This is a painting I finished in November of last year, and it’s of a very special friend, Talara. She’s been one of my best friends since middle school, and I just love her so much I wanted to draw this to spread a message that Talara and I both believe strongly that racism towards black people is absolutely not okay, and we must take the steps we can to end it.

Also, black women face SO MUCH just for being born basically, and I have so much respect for their perseverance, but they shouldn’t need to be so strong or courageous just to live a peaceful life.

Talking to Talara and my other black friends about the issues they and their family members have faced has truly taught me so much about black people’s experience, specifically and I am so thankful for them for teaching me because talking about racism isn’t always easy and comes with a lot of heavy emotions.

This is probably the most important piece of art I have ever made, and I’m glad to have this platform where I can share this piece with you all.

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