Meg Tysen

The article below was written by Meg Tysen, a sweet, intelligent, and talented 18-year-old artist and writer. She is a Biracial Amerasian young woman and daughter of a Japanese-born mother and an American-born father who shared her thoughts the day after the Capital’s insurrection. Listen to her share her heart in the land of contradictory compromise as she sees it through the lens of her unique perspective. This drawing is her artistic expression of these words.

This is a drawing I did back in October, but now might be a good time to post this. This sums up how I have been feeling kind of recently: being absolutely tired of and frustrated with America. I am in a phase(well, hopefully just a phase and not a long-lasting thing)where I just really don’t like this country… but hear me out.

I don’t hate the amazing people I was able to meet since moving here (and some other positive aspects, I am not entirely anti-America, don’t come for me, Lol), but I have come to a point where I realize I kind of hate a lot of things about how this country works, but I guess that’s just kind of how things go for foreigners like me>>> More specifically though, I’ve recently been really tired of how people use the concept of freedom just for their own advantage and think in very selfish ways. I hope that people will realize that freedom is a precious thing that not everyone is allowed to have around the world, so you should use it wisely and not selfishly. Please, before you use the argument of “I have the right to do this” for literally any action you take, think about how those actions can affect the people around you, and PLEASE have some common sense I am begging at this point. What do you guys think?

By Meg Tysen

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